Why digitalization is essential for your energy business

Join us for a free webinar on the importance of digitalization for the energy industry. For 45 minutes you’ll learn about why digitalisation is highly relevant and how it is directly linked to business goals and results. You’ll also learn about the role of software quality assurance in creating and ensuring high quality software. You’ll listen to experts from Energibyrån and System Verification.


You’ll learn about:

  • The opportunities of digitalization and the risks of not going digital fast enough.
  • How digitalisation improves your time to market and return on investment.
  • The importance of software quality assurance and the risk of not having it in place.
  • How other businesses within the energy sector work with digitalization and software quality assurance and what the outcomes are.


  • Karin Lundqvist, Co-Founder and Owner of Energibyrån
    Karin has extensive experience from the energy industry, with a background from Öresundskraft and Vattenfall. Since 2021, she has been running the consultancy firm Energibyrån.
  • Eric Järdemar, Delivery Manager at System Verification
    Eric has several years of experience as a QA consultant within the Energy Sector. 

Time and place

When: On Demand
Where: On Univid. We will send a link to your email when you’ve completed the registration.



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